Chattagram International Medical College (CIMC) is approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh, recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), affiliated by the Chittagong Medical University.

Contact Info
  • Chattagram International Medical College and Hospital
  • 206/1, Haji Chand Meah Road, Shamser Para, P/O: Darul Ma`rif, P/S : Chandgaon, Chattogram

Medical Humanities

Medical humanities uses interdisciplinary research to explore experiences of health and illness, often focusing on subjective, hidden, or invisible experience. This interdisciplinary strength has given the field a noted diversity and encouraged creative 'epistemological innovation'. Medical humanities encompasses the creative and intellectual strengths of diverse disciplines, including literature, art, creative writing, drama, film, music, philosophy, ethical decision making, anthropology, and history, in pursuit of medical educational goals

Phase I

1. Behavioral science
2. Medical Sociology
3. Etiquette in using of Social Medias
4. Self- directed learning including team learning
5. Medical ethics

Phase II

1. Communication skill
2. Doctor–patient relationship (DPR)
3. Physicians’ bedside manner, etiquette and rapport building with patients

Phase III

1. Integrity and accountability of medical professionals
2. Aspects of good doctors

Phase IV

1. Medical professionalism
2. Inter-professionalism
3. Patient Safety

Internship Period

1. White coat ceremony
2. Career planning
3. Continuing Medical Education (CME) & Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
4. Causes of death
5. Basic Infection Control Practice (ICP)