Chattagram International Medical College (CIMC) is approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh, recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), affiliated by the Chittagong Medical University.

Contact Info
  • Chattagram International Medical College and Hospital
  • 206/1, Haji Chand Meah Road, Shamser Para, P/O: Darul Ma`rif, P/S : Chandgaon, Chattogram

Student Code and Conducts

Students conduct Rules: These rules are applicable to all students who are admitted to the CIMC:

  • 1. No student or group of students shall form society/ association/ organization.
  • 2. No outsider will be invited by the student to address any meeting at the college or hospital without prior permission of the authority.
  • 3. Students are not allowed to paste any poster, pamphlet or fix banners on the wall.
  • 4. During teaching hours students are prohibited to play around in the premises.
  • 5. No students or groups of students shall arrange any program, Picnic, musical concert, sports. etc, on their own, without prior written permission from the authorities.
  • 6. No students or group of students is allowed to collect money for any purpose whatsever.
  • 7. College Identity Card, (ID) should be displayed, at all times, when the students are in the premises of the college. Faculty members and security staff are authorized to check the ID. cards at any time.
  • 8. If any students wants to publish his/her scientific or literary article, he /she must get the draft approved, by the authorities. They are also required to submit the copy of the final article / paper (to be published) for record purposes to the college.
  • 9. Students will not be allowed to address the media or national press on any subject.
  • 10. Students are forbidden to address higher authorities directly. Any communication intended for higher authorities, must be routed through proper channel.
  • 11. Smoking, pan chewing, littering, spitting and other activities, prejudicial to the conduct are prohibited in the premises.
  • 12. Unless specifically permitted, no students or group of students are allowed to enter administrative and department offices / telephone exchange/server room, or teachers’ lounge or zones.

Dress Code:

All students must wear white coat in the campuses of CIMC (With a tag having name and logo of the college) and decent shoes/ Sandle but no slippers, in case of default they will not be allowed to enter and disciplinary action will be taken.

Disciplinary action:

A student shall be liable for disciplinary action(s) if he/ she commit any of the following acts:

  • 1. Misbehaves or quarrels with any teacher or staff
  • 2. Is generally disobedient.
  • 3. Spreads false rumors.
  • 4. Uses inappropriate or filthy language.
  • 5. Incites other students to violence.
  • 6. Is inappropriately dressed.
  • 7. Shouts, abuses, quarrels or fights with fellow students.
  • 8. Raises slogans to hurt other, politically or religiously.
  • 9. Interferes with the administration, including the mode or schedule of examination.
  • 10. Indulges in acts of immorality.
  • 11. Indulges in any kind of political activity including displaying posters or play card within the faculty.